Remember: Stories of Workplace Tragedy

Kyle Hickey: Living the Dream

Kyle's family and friends knew him to be upbeat, full of life, and always smiling. And he took that attitude with him to his new job at an auto body shop.

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Ron's Story

Ron lived his life with joy and kindness. He was a soulmate to his wife, Barb, and his daughters' hero. He left them all knowing how much they were loved.

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Glenn's Story

When remembering his brother Glenn, Allen Martin says simply and proudly, "He never had much, but he didn't need much either. Friends, family and fun...that was Glenn."

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Peter Kempton

Peter was a dedicated father and grandfather who made sure his daughters knew they were loved. He taught them to fish, explore the outdoors and how to do basic mechanical maintenance to help them to become independent women.

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Jamie Lapierre: His best friend's story

When Jamie Lapierre walked into a room, he filled it. Roaring around Halifax in a yellow Mustang, the 21-year-old lived a charming and charmed life.

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Jamie Lapierre: His mom's story

Jamie Lapierre was a 21 year old deckhand working on a barge in February 2000. Jamie was assigned basic maintenance duties in the hold of the barge. While on a break his shift crew noticed Jamie was missing.

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Lewis D'Entremont

Lewis was a fisherman. The sort of fishing he did is called purse seining. He was looking forward to being a grandfather. Instead his name is etched on a monument.

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Scott Clarke

An amateur astronomer, Scott also loved being a fisherman and on the ocean. In 2009, he went overboard and was never found.

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Michael's Story

At 20 years old, Michael Doucette had a large heart and loved life. He especially liked to kid around with others - pulling practical jokes. He was lost at sea in January 2013.

Tommy Raymond

Tommy Raymond worked as a foreman at a container pier in Bedford, NS for over 25 years. On September 13, 2009, Tommy had been called in to work an extra shift.

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Gerry Blackburn

Gerry and his dad Gerald were hard-working fishermen. It was late May, the best time of year for lobster fishing.

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Larry MacKay

On the Friday before Thanksgiving in 1999 Larry MacKay, a saw-filer in a saw mill, called home from the hospital to tell his wife Cheryl he'd been cut at work.

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Keith (Mickey) Myles

On a Monday morning in September 2006, Keith - or Mickey as he was affectionately known to friends and family - went to work just like so many Mondays before.

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Joe Legge

When Joe woke up in the hospital two weeks after an industrial explosion at his workplace, he was recovering from burns over 65% of his body.

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