Employer Toolkit

Join us in our commitment to remember those workers who have suffered injury or death and in our resolve to create a culture of workplace safety in our province.

You can help commemorate the Day of Mourning by:

Download a poster for your workplace

We also encourage employers to distribute the following email signature taglines and company announcement email template within their organizations to help raise awareness for the Day of Mourning. Simply copy and paste for your company distribution. Feel free to personalize this message for your workplace.

Email signature taglines

On April 28, we observe the Day of Mourning, dedicated to those who have died or been injured at work. Visit dayofmourning.ns.ca to learn more.

Join us in paying tribute to those who have died or been injured at work - attend a Day of Mourning ceremony on April 28 or learn more at dayofmourning.ns.ca

Company announcement email template

Today we join employers throughout Canada and around the world in observing a Day of Mourning. This is a day to pause and remember those who have lost their lives or suffered an injury while trying to earn a living.

The Day of Mourning is an important reminder of the need to reduce the human devastation that results from unsafe workplaces.

Visit dayofmourning.ns.ca to find how you can honour those who have died or been injured at work.